Day 170 - IS: Your Impact


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Here’s today’s reflection: If money and time were no object, what in the world would you most want to impact? What steps would you take to pursue this passion or interest?

oh ma lord, I’d like to ramble using a voice note, SO. MANY. THINGS!

But if it’s one thing. Systemic change management for a nascent government by subsidizing targeted educational opportunities linked to apprenticeships for public services related to health, and education.

Can you explain this more? Sounds interesting!

When I was working for an NGO in England, about a decade ago, I had a habit of taking a different path to my desk each morning. I tended to wander around the book shelves in the open air office, and on one of these mornings, I came across Paulo Freire’s book, the Pedagogy of the Oppressed. I started an hour later than expected, the book had pulled me in to an extent that I, in a way, experienced a sort of unsheathing of the mind.

The idea I mentioned briefly, is premised on the assumption that people seek to better their condition, be that physical, psychological, or otherwise. If the right conditions are created, the possibility for a larger number of people to access a “limit situation”.

In Somaliland, an unrecognized nation with a fairly peaceful democratic society, there are young people growing up with access to mobile banking, and high speed internet. With the understanding that, the pillars of education and healthcare are necessary for the growth of a young nation. Access to easily accessible financial services and the internet has allowed for unprecedented access to education, that has outstripped the ability to access health services.

The government is young, seeks investment, and expertise. Imagine being able to apply systems design within a pockets of a willing government alongside a young population eager for opportunities. There are some traditional operators like the World Bank and the UN, but to effect change amongst the younger generation, you need to involve, attract and retain entities with goals similar to Mest as well as support, train and guide entities like SPN, to create interconnections between peoples and systems that are parallel in purpose.

The blank canvas is attractive, because the possibilities are endless.

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