Day 172 - What Leadership development isn't

I used to describe what I do for teams in ways I thought would get my message across accurately. I was prioritizing harmony, belonging, Relatability.

When other training or development professionals respond with "oh, we do the same thing" I noticed that I grimace internally, and respond with a flat, "yea, I guess..." immediately feeling a sense of dissatisfaction, almost self-betrayal.

I don't care to provide teams with a Tony Robbins experience. I want them to acknowledge their flaws, their strengths, and the tensions they stuff into their organization's closet.

I told a friend, they should call out those who do others who care about their craft a disservice, by selling their snake oil. That the impact of staying silent, is the probability of people, teams, department, and organizations, being misled by the loudest voices who seek to profit through perversion.

A friend then reminded me of this saying: "Omnia mea mecum sunt!” an iteration of the meaning can be "I carry all I need with me"

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