A year, minus three fourths.

On writing

Hi everyone, I started writing consistently on May 30, 2019, this lasted until November 23, 2019.

During that time, I wrote 693 notes, and published 177 of them. Rough math puts that at 25% of my writing was seen by one other person.

On continuing

I started writing on a whim, except, it wasn't.  I'd been playing with the idea for a few years, and this software I'm using (Standard Notes + Listed) removed remaining distractions and made it easier to publish. 

My initial impulse was based on a call to write for one hundred days.  I ended up enjoying the process for an additional 77 days until I stopped.  It wasn't for lack of liking what I was writing about, or the process of writing.  I just didn't have a goal in mind.  I also thought I finished writing. 

Taking stock of how much I've written, I think I've done quite well. I also believe that my cadence, doesn't necessarily have to be daily, weekly or monthly. 

So what have the remaining 75% of notes consisted of? That's a question I won't be able to answer. However, it may emerge in upcoming pieces of writing. 

On change

The time from November 2019 till date has been filled with changes, some of which I have yet to internalize. That said, I think the way I write will need to acknowledge the way we drink any beverage. We have to first fill the cup. 

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