Day 3 - What story to share

If fate is a path, serendipity is a guidepost. When a friend forwarded an application for a facilitator's conference encouraging me to apply, I decided on a whim to apply. I didn't seek it out, so what was the harm in laying my cards out and seeing what happens.

Once I was accepted, I fell into panic. How is my story worthy? Why did they say yes to me? How will I ever do this without disappointing them and embarrasing myself?

Luckily, I have a friend who is great at supporting people when they doubt themselves, and is greater at helping them think through their projects.

He clarified that when people have to share a story they try to fit their whole life in one go. He calls it the "Too much story" first draft, but once I laid it all out, it made it easier to write the "I have many stories" second draft.

His instructions were simple, get a blank note book, most importantly, one that I'm comfortable writing in.

Draw a line down the left, creating a column.

Write out everything I want to say on the right.
Use a red pen to underline all the parts I want to share.
In the left column, rewrite the important parts.
Iterate on the story using this manner as many times as it takes.

He also had me take a look at a youtube video re Dan Harmon and the story circle, after which I went into the youtube rabbit hole.

By the time I was done, I had found 3 main points I wanted to share, and 3 stories that had completed Harmon's story circle, over the longer arc of the whole presentation.

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