Day 4 - Pulling a fast one on baby

We're about to move to one more location with our newborn, this will make it the third home in as many months.

With the little energy we managed to store between feeds and being a human crib, we decided to put it towards journey mapping our grand move that includes a 14 hour flight.

It wasn't going to be a pure exercise in journey mapping, but it has been useful thinking through the touch points we'll have with baby from the moment we leave the house, check-in, wheels up, the first 3 days, and the first month at home.

We visualized it as potential gain points and pain points along our linear journey with the objective of ensuring that our 3 month old would be in an optimal state of being throughout each of the touch points.

The flight and what may work or doesn't is informed by a shorter 1.5 hour flight that we already took with baby, where we trialed some tips and tricks we learned from various sources and it worked well enough to use.

The exercise helped us generate ideas that went beyond the linear journey we cooked up. We ended up with considerations we organized outside of the map.

The next step is re-organizing all the information generated so that it's easier to pay attention to, and so that we can take action.

Ideas appreciated! Miro board below

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