Day 5 - Storysmiths are back!

The boys are back on Zoom, the boys are back on ZooOooOoM.

It’s been a little over half a year since the first season of Storysmiths ended. What’s that you say? You’ve never heard of it? Gasp! Choke choke cough cough.

Well dear friendly, you are in luck as I will steer you no where near that objectively fun and confusing ride we took some loyal friends (read Tale weavers) through over a 12 episode jaunt.

The idea was amazing, the execution a bundle of laughs with twists and turns. But, I have to admit, as a Storysmith / host, I got lost at times.

So with this new season we’re going to shift from an hourly, twelve episode arc to a episodic stories that will at max stretch to two parters. That way if anyone drops in, they can still follow through, vote for the world, antagonist, and protagonist they want us to bring to life.

Watch this space!


p.s. You can also join the fun at our sister podcast on all things board games


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