Day 6 - Qahwa!

The last day of Ramadan has come and with it dreams of percolating caffeine. It's been a challenging one, this month of fasting.

I used to pride myself on the fact that I started fasting when I was fairly young, it was my sacred duty to stop eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset, to incredulously frown at my biological itch for all things sugar and nice.

This one has been one of the more difficult ones, I think they've become steadily more difficult as time ticks on. I don't think I've let myself admit that until now. What's given me the courage to admit it however, is an external factor. A newborn.

At 2 months of age the amount of energy they require, and the amount of sleep I need are inversely proportional. So I have an excuse.

All the same, I plan to take back control, I've already setup my station, ready for the first hit in the morning.

Grinder, beans, frother, dripper, paper, and CBC radio.

I'm ready for my Qahwa.

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