Day 7 - What Company?

When you hear the word company, what's the first image that pops in to your mind? Perhaps an office space? Maybe a bit grey and drab, possibly where dreams go to die?

Or a place of business, maybe overseeing a factory that churns out something that is important yet somehow completely disconnected from your everyday reality?

Does your mind then drift into the other uses of the word? To keep someone company, or friendship and enjoyment?

The old French and Latin terms Compagnie and Companio respectively mean a “society, friendship, intimacy body of soldiers” and “one who eats bread with you”.

Those words remind me of a word seldom associated with work in a company. Companion.

A recent gallup global poll on engagement in the workplace surmised that the most engaged people are those who work in teams. Even then, engagement was only at 25%

What would happen if there were a more concerted effort to focus on the overlooked aspect of company within companies. Intimacy, friendship and society?

After all, it’s definitely harder to eat bread with a legal entity.

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