Day 10 - Photo prompt, "background"

Celebrating is important, it's like going to the gym and noticing the changes in your body, it validates your efforts.

So for my 10th post, and because I know I need to give myself a break from coming up with post ideas, I'm celebrating by going to Pexels, typing "background" in the search image, and writing whatever thoughts or memories are inspired by it.

What post will you celebrate and how?

Brown wooden dock over body of water

Brown wooden dock over body of water

Sunset, it once heralded the end of an eventful day, a meaningful day. But now, all he can do is sit at the end of the brown wooden dock.

He clearly remembers the Sunday when all meaning was lost. They called it a flash storm; really a wet microburst, with wind and rain gushing down with force strong enough to rip a roof off a building. Except all it did that Sunday is burst his heart, drowned it in a way.

He's been told he was lucky to survive, but he'd never felt so helpless in his life.

Tossed like a ragdoll, swallowed under the water, beat around till his spine was crushed. Constantly reminded that the only reason he survived was because he turned around for a moment.

Now he waits each evening, at the end of the brown wooden dock.

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