Day 12 - Flight control

Ever wonder what luggage looks like in a plane's cargo hold? Why are they ugly rectangles. I mean, did someone just slap wheels on boxes, and that's just been the way it is?

Also, why is it so expensive to lug stuff around, the material it's made of must cost a few dollars. It's sturdier than cardboard but not by much.

Are the dimensions of boxes we lug around on planes dictated by the physics of efficient packing? Would people be interested in paying a subscription fee for standardized luggage supplied by the airline for a subscription fee, guarenteeing them 30 kgs instead of the 23 kgs? Would standardized luggage save the companies fuel costs, would a bag be able to weigh itself and transmit this information to the airline ahead of time.

I just know that I'm not happy with buying my bag, it's a purchase that I won't be content with until I've gotten on a plane. For now, I'll have to be ok with weighing the bag by hoisting it up and down to get a feel for it. Because it's not in their best interest to tell you how much of your weight they'll eat.

If only there were trains to allwhere

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