Day 16 - It's still happening

My youngest sister is in her early 20s, her friend was over watching the NBA finals, and we ended up talking about her 3 months break from work.

She remarked that it was very difficult for her to take the time, especially because she'd been working full time since she was 16. What made her leave? Because of what was missing.

She got tired of HR and their inability to listen, their failure at creating a space that doesn't foster psychological safety. Even though she did her due diligence, collected emails, followed reporting procedures and surprise, surprise, the HR business partner responsible for the business unit is not incentivized to carry it up the chain.

When I asked her why she thought that was the case, she felt that, even though she's been with the organization for more than 5 years, she as a young, person of color, was not respected enough, nor valued. She had the documentation to prove it, which was ignored.

She felt that the culture was resistant to change, that people who had family and were reliant on the income were too afraid to raise their voices, and overwhelmingly, she felt it to be a generational challenge.

One of the perceived issues is the large number of baby boomers reaching retirement age. With the older workforce stepping out, there were a larger number of senior positions but nothing to bridge the leadership gap for people who were with the organization for 5 years or longer. There was a missed opportunity to create experiences or stretch opportunities, to allow younger employees to step into roles with more responsibility.

This would require trust, something that is hard to foster in spaces lacking in psychological safety.

There will forever be labels created to better understand a segment of society, with "millenials" aging and facing an older, entrenched generation of "baby boomers", they'll need to create remember their own struggles, and start deeply listening to younger people entering the workforce to effect systemic change.

To learn more about systems change, I've found this podcast to be pretty accessible

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