Day 18 - Flight prediction

I think I'll finally be able to sleep on a plane, not because I'll be taking meds or drinking alcohol. But through sheer exhaustion.

I'll be over eastern Europe when this is published on tiny letter, inshallah...

Couldn't complete this before I flew but my hypothesis was wrong. The exhaustion was real, but little dude decided he wanted a human crib this time around.

So I ended up watching 5 movies, I think? It's all a blur, I saw the American remake of a French movie, it had the unusual pairing of Kevin Hart and Mr. Breaking Bad. I think it was the weaker movie because they chose famous characters.

Part of the reason I enjoyed the French version was the novelty of the plot. It might be that I felt it to be tired because the script seemed to almost be word for word, mixed up with Kevin's usual forced shenanigans and sprinkling of just enough blackness. Mr. Bad sort of phoned it in, and the only memorable part was the scene where he expressed anger and broke stuff vicariously through Mr. Black, because, you know, white people can't be angry without going full triple k.

I think I cleansed my palate with a series of animated movies, Lego Movie the second part, the third installation of the Training your dragon movies, except they stopped training sometime back, and washed that down with what was a silly attempt at making a show that once had men in tights, politically relevant to the currently sad climate of geopolitics.

There was also a movie called the Kindergarten Teacher, I figured I'd pick up a thing or two to Google about because the premise was about a teacher who gets a bit overzealous while trying to nurture a five year olds creativity while simultaneously using his smarts to fulfil her dream of being good at something. Or so I thought in my sleepless stupor.

I did finally sleep during daylight hours though, so that's something I previously couldn't do.

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