Day 21 - Photo prompt, “future”

I was on a roll there, I forgot about photo prompt day. There was a lot conceptualizing of the future today, partly because of little dude, and partly due to the nature of the conversations some friends are having.

Anywho, here we go!

Gardens by the bay

Gardens by the bay

Ever wonder what glitter would look like raining down from above? Mesmerizing to be sure. If you were on the 8th floor or higher, it looked like slowly drifting rainbow snow. The closer to the ground it got, the faster it turned into drops of rain, indistinguishable from any other rain. Except when it was on asphalt, it had the sheen of that rainbow coloured oil on a parking spot on rainy day.

At first, the world was abuzz with conspiracies, but what could cause uniform rain to descend the world over?

Then we waited, waited for it to signify something, anything. But we soon forgot.

We don't know how deep the root systems go, we don't know how they're impacting our environment, they're living breathing mountains, and the only thing we do know, is that they came to life after we crossed the first climate threshold of no return.

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