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Day 23 - Who are your people and why are you here?

I grew up learning that most information fell into neat little boxes. Each day had different sets of information in boxes. Information outside the class timetable didn't matter.

I spent a large amount of time avoiding homework; spending most of my school afternoons with my legs splayed out in public library aisles. On days reading about the history of pirates, and trying to understand why the books I had were mostly about European pirates, on other days I spent reading the 'Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything' and books of that nature.

Suffice to say, I didn't excel at school. But, I learned that people can literally cry at the top of their lungs to get a higher grade, an that a passing grade had no consequence.

I've been fascinated with what makes people tick. I enjoy observing their behaviour, mannerisms, seeing the moment in their eyes that a decision is made, or when regret forms across their brow.

And though I shouldn't be surprised, I kept seeing that one person who cried for that higher grade and got it, everywhere. I don't mind when that person cuts the line in a queue, or wants to overtake me on a street, I let them. What I do mind, and what I'm more interested in, is when they're in an organization and are either labeled "high performer", "high potential", "high- ", or even better, "manager".

Sat in a circle, there's a question that's used by

The Art of Hosting Community to open the floor to a room, "Who are your people?, and why are you here?" It's a question I believe would suck the air out of anyone that has been used to wailing for the needs of one. 

What would it look like if people were pre-supposed to have the requisite skills to learn, grow and perform. What if bringing people to your organization, did not demand they fall into neat boxes, whether that's the box of likeness, or the box of Ivy. 

What if you could start an interview with the open-ended question, "who are your people? and why are you here?"

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