Day 24 - Islamofuturism

I've been hearing recently that things are becoming much more restrictive for people looking to complete their once in a lifetime pilgrimage to Mecca. The costs and rules are becoming prohibitive.

Part of this reality is that the mosque and its grounds are about or a tenth of Central Park in New York, and 2 million people squeeze in for a month.

Which had me wondering, as technology progressed, innovation took it's time, but slowly influenced the culture of the mosque. If you've travelled in the Levant, Northern Africa, or the Arabian Gulf, you'll have heard the call to prayer from loudspeakers.

There's also been much focus on the savvy use of social media by Daesh and their ilk. There have also been interesting apps coming out for use by the muslim community, like prayer time reminders, Arabic-English Quran translation, and meditation like applications.

It took sometime for loudspeakers to be used for sermons on Fridays, and as a community grows, the utility of a loud speaker for people further away from the imam to be able to hear the sermon, made practical sense.

By extension, would Augmented Reality (AR) have a use in the future? It is customary for one to gain the full reward of attending a prayer going early and being right up front, sat under the nose of the imam or preacher. Islamic jurists may at some point have to contend with increasingly possible technological applications. What other technology do you think will warrant exploration?

What if in some dark Trumpian future, the muslim ban is in full fourth reich effect, and they've closed down mosques for "national security" reasons. If someone wanted to have the full communal prayer experience, they could possibly make an argument to pray communally using AR. If you don't show up early, and "walk" to the front, you would have instead the ability to "pay to pray up front", plugged into an AR unit, the sound would be comparable to an authentic experience, the further you are (the less you pay, or the tardier you are) the harder it is to listen.

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