Day 25 - Doing what they won't dare

What would you tell your 13 year old self? How about your 17 year old self? I'll give you a can be any number of things, this isn't a stress test so take your time.

Where did your mind drift to? share it in the guest book, or email me the tale you wanted to tell your younger self, whether it was to throw pennies at a certain stock, or to avoid a certain fate. I'll keep your secret :)

Myself? I barely remember what I was doing at that age, outside of video games, lots and lots of video games, I think one full summer was spent playing Civilizations II. When I asked our friend Adnan, he said navigating relationships, because it's one of the most important skills a teenager needs as they navigate challenges they've never thought existed.

I agree with him, and I feel one milestone necessary to understand or navigate the relationships in the world around you, is to better understand your own motivations, and if you're not motivated, to have the courage to be ok with it.

Achieving is a rite of passage; though the obstacle you overcome is defined by the society you are a part of, you the individual are equally responsible to explore what achieving looks like for you.

I digress, I would tell younger me to smile more, surround myself with people who like to learn and experiment, and to ask for help more often and to have a little more fun, because everyone will stare, because you'll be doing what they won't dare.

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