Day 28 - I should, I shouldn't.

It's almost thirty days into the 100 day writing challenge, it's personally gratifying to know I stuck with it so far, through multiple flights and scene changes. And it took longer than I thought it would take for me to get here. To a point where I lose focus, get distracted and start considering what I should or shouldn't be writing, how I should maximize the time and effort being spent on this endeavour. I should be writing long form articles, I should be putting more research into my writing, I should. I should. I SHOULD.

This itching to shift direction, spurred by the creative celebration of every 10th post is becoming a burden, it's like a creative noose is closing. I started thinking I should make the 1 month celebration greater! Write a week long series! I should! I should! I SHOULD!

I think it made it clear to me, that there is a nagging-external- validation-seeking-squeaky voice. Which initially sounds like it's trying to help, but really, is trying to push me to out do myself. I need to stick to process, I need to complete the 100 days before I reflect on this challenge. Thank you day 28, you're not 30, but you might as well have been.

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