Day 30 - Lead with your deepest darkest

So the workshop, like most workshops, didn't follow the agenda to the T. What's great about an agenda though, is that with enough prep, you can have a number of options you can pivot to if you feel the room isn't there with you.

I have to do a better job about transitioning from openers, ice breakers and warm ups, in to the meat of the matter. I think I enjoy observing interactions and getting a feel for the people in the room a tiny bit much. Which makes it all the harder to carry out what I need to in the allotted time.

The youth I was facilitating for were also drained by a weekend full activities, or so I was made aware. One thing I was proud of, was I allowed myself to deviate, and lead them in something I wasn't as comfortable with, or so I thought. Because it ended up being the part that was most appreciated.

I led them through an exercise called the Stuck, created by the Presencing Institute. It ties in brilliantly with the emotional intelligence skill 'self-awareness'. It's an exercise where the body is felt, and is allowed to convey what and where it is in this moment. Allowing oneself to let it change form into sculpture, both of being stuck, and being freed from the stuck position.

I experienced it and thought it profound, I was surprised when the youth ingratiated me by experiencing, or trying to, their stuck. Remember what criticism, judgement, and blame felt like in your youth? It's a tough thing to break through even in adulthood and I commended them for that. I hope strongly enough.

Unlike my presentation to adults, this time I got one young dude who took the time to say he appreciated my presence and the content.

If you're curious, have a look at the agenda and the links within below.

P.s. I knew I wrote the title first for a reason, the room turned around, physically and emotionally, when I shared my worst moment as a young painfully shy person. So yup, title holds.

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