Day 39 - It's Service Design, not serve us design

Oh client, thou shall not be named, yet trample you must on best laid customer centric plans. Sure, sometimes it happens because we haven't convinced you sufficiently, and yes, your eyes may pop at the costs associated, but isn't this why we spent the better part of a year, finite time, for the benefit of your brand.

I'll stop with the poetic crap there.

On our last project, it took sometime to convince our client that it was in their best interest we have access to all manner of customers, partner organizations, and their staff.

Questions clients ask:

Why must you shadow this person? I just told you all you need to know, in 5 minutes!

Why do you need to see a sample of service chat logs? So what if they don't contain confidential information, what use will they be?

I gave you access to the team, why do I have to be in the room for the first meeting?

What do you mean this is a prototype? When will you finish?

I realized by the end of the project, that I could have done things much more differently. Here are my top 3 early bird service specials.

1- Identify early on the people most positively impacted by the changes, and win them over by asking detailed questions, sharing your process, and soliciting their advice.

2- Only engage the leadership with moments of forward momentum. That could look like maps you've completed alongside their most trusted staff, and present it in their presence because they will eagerly answer questions their leadership throws your way. This is important, because it demonstrates to leadership that this isn't just your hair brained scheme, and that their staff will move it along when you're gone

3- Visuals visuals visuals. Account for the different learning styles, and begin with visuals, they worked wonders and engaged everyone regardless of language proficiency.

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