Day 40 - 17 Million Dollars

I remember a guy from high school, we weren’t close, or acquaintances, we may have had a class or two together, but with my memory such as it is, we probably didn’t. I’ll call him Terrence.

He was tall, slim build, braces, I remember him wearing a track suit, he will have worn other articles of clothing, but Terrence looks like a track suit guy, and I mean matching track suits, long sleeved top and maybe tear away track pants. He was a light blue track suit kind of guy.

Terrence was also a humorous dude, not the typical high school regurgitate the latest Simpsons episode kind of humorous, but a genuine, well thought out, slow burn kind of humorous.

He wasn't the type of person who was not noticeable, so when he didn't come to school for a few days, and it turned to weeks, we didn't know what happened.

Turned out, his family had won a few million dollars, bought a house, a recording studio, a few cars and other knick knacks. I saw Terrence a few months later, he didn't mention the new life style, he may have been lonely and tried to visit a familiar place. The change was abrupt.

I tell you about Terrence, because at some point, I thought I want to make $17 million, and give away all but $1 million. I've even bought a ticket or two, when I feel my stars aligning, do you ever get that feeling? That something good is coming your way? Once every few years I get that feeling, and I spend it on a ticket. Nothing ever comes of it of course. But I can't help but think of all the fun I can have by giving away a crap ton of money.

My friend Adnan, who started this whole Moemusing at you mess, had his own unique way of looking at this. He suggested I flip this desire on it's head. What if I saved, through my interactions, or service, I could save people $16 million.

So what in your life time, would you be able to do, to save a group of people, that amount? It doesn't need to be cash, it could be services rendered, that may be valued at that amount, over a period of time.

Let me know what you'd be great at saving people from.

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