Day 42 - Help yoself Kemosabe

I started puttering around LinkedIN recently, or as I affectionately like to call it LookHERE. Outside of an increase in funny, aspiring, Facebook videos, I didn't really see too many changes from the few years I'd been off of it.

It still takes days for a post to surface from someone you're connected to, which is a strange choice for a business oriented platform. By the time it surfaces on my wall or feed, it's been 3 days, if not longer, since it was posted by the author.

There is a noticeable increase in the number of videos being posted by anyone looking to be what I assume is a LookHERE influencer. The echoes of the Facesphere are reverberating, thought I've also noticed people also end their posts with "follow me on Twitter, I'm more active there". Which begs the question, what is LookHERE used for outside of recruiter stalking. I've yet to understand.

I've also started experimenting with the Creative Bunch Instagram. I think my commitment to writing each day has seeped into other areas of life. This is the third week I've hosted a Helpful Humans series of stories, where I solicit people to share their vulnerabilities, and then aggregate helpful tips from others who've overcome similar challenges. Most interesting are the chat groups, a new feature, that can stay open in perpetuity, I think I'll A/B test and close 1 of the 3 currently existing groups, by summarizing what's been shared on a medium post, and hosting the shared learning there. I can't imagine InstaCRAM can be a place to store information for the long term. I think I'll also announce that it'll only be active for 12 hours from 7 AM to 7 PM so people have a time box, and a ritual of sorts, I've noticed an uptick later in the afternoon. I recently converted the account to a business account to access the analytics insights, so I'll wait a week before delving in, which reminds me I need to highlight the stories shared before they disappear.

As for me, and my professional growth, I've had a number of conversations and this next year, I really need to up skill in service design, so that I can have portfolio of work worth sharing, mainly to increase my self confidence as well. If this project comes through, we'll be running it using a sprint format. I'm also committing to writing at the end of each day, so I can leverage this habit to capture daily insights that can be transferred to a text only portfolio if need be.

I need to also prioritize the things I want to work on,

So far there's

The Growth Tribe X
Future Dads Club podcast

Creative Couple Cards X
Government Service Design Research doc
Starting the first LeadIN cohort in Dubai X
Starting a Liberating Structures group in Dubai X
Starting a Reinventing Work group in Dubai. X
Facilitating a phones down, heads up event X
Continuing the Bunch X

Almost everything involves people, which means a considerable amount of time and effort spent soliciting, prodding, and maybe even begging people to pay attention, or to help lead.

I'll need to segment the above into whether they need a great amount of energy, so I'd need to lead, or moderate amount of energy, so I'd need to delegate, or take little to no energy, so I'd need to mentor.

I've also been sheepish about answering my own questions about the kind of help needed on the bunch account using my other accounts, like LeadIN and Future dad, somehow it feels wrong to be asking for advice, in the same forum you're moderating. It's like the person at Alcoholic's anonymous taking up the space they're supposed to hold for the circle.

Yet, I must help myself, because this is post number 42, and therein lies the answer.

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