Day 43 - Veterans of Kindness


Veterans of Kindness, they help for the sake of helping, and continue to do so.  They are the quiet many and they are surprisingly kind. There are a number of individuals, who at times go to great lengths to ensure no one is aware of their good deeds.

There are historical figures, none of which I can recall right now, who are lauded for their quiet acts of kindness. Somehow I feel that hearing these stories centuries later, only proves that there was some amazing old school public relations going on.

That said, it could also be that some people were genuinely helpful, and some soul wanted them to be recognized. It's something I'm trying to figure out at the moment. I'm experimenting with an Instagram account that has been dormant. To facilitate an online exchange between community members of the bunch, and also individuals that follow the bunch account, I've been posing questions every Thursday under the moniker of 'Helpful Humans'. The idea is to ask questions that people usually answer in the silent space of their mind, the idea is to make real and public, what it is they find challenging, to allow for recognition that this isn't a unique challenge, and hopefully someone in the community has undergone a personal shift to overcome said challenge, and can share a tip or two on what worked. Eventually, and this was picked up by a member of the bunch, this exchange should happen face to face, because these conversations are important, and they need to be had.

Some of the exchanges have been related to overcoming the fear or public speaking, sales, finding inspiration when you're drained, and getting encouragement to keep on top of existing goals.

I've saved the above on highlights, and they're publicly accessible to people, but the essence of the exchange is individuals rallying to help each other. I need to experiment further to further refine the process and possibly invite individuals who would like to tap into the information shared to create articles that synthesize the points that seem to most resonate.

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