Day 45 - How goes the bonding?

I skipped a few months, little dude is almost 4 months old.
I have not had the time time to record any podcasts for my future dads club. Each episode I tackle one question, and my friend had a good one. He wanted to know how the bonding was going with little dude. Time flew by so quickly that I hadn't had time to note the growth of his little personality. It's interesting how much of my time and my wife's time is spent on just keeping this guy alive.

So much so that I am not sure we are doing what we're supposed to the doing with him day in day out. Outside of feeding, clothing, burping, and cleaning anytime I look into to what this guy should be up to I get hit with a wall of information. There are many websites and lists upon lists. The information overload is unbearable, it's like going to a restaurant and having a menu with with items you didn't know existed, and no waiter to help you out. Omg I just realised, we get more help with food than we do with a human being...that's so sad. I'm not even working full time, I can only imagine what two parent households have to contend with when raising a child for the first time.

So I'm currently doing what any dad does I guess, winging it! But I check in with youtube once in a while, to ensure I'm not causing any irreparable damage to little dude. We've been focused on a lot of the general stuff like tummy time and also more tummy time and once in a while, when we meet his most pressing needs, I give him a massage. Outside of the first few weeks when you're told about the importance of skin to skin, there isn't much direction.

Sometimes he tells us for what wants by either crying too much or not crying enough. so what are we supposed to look for books I have so many books it's very difficult finding the time to read all these books and make sure little dude is doing alright.

Yes, I have books, many of them, they're just not in an easy to use format, which at this point is probably a weekly check list on A3 paper that can be left on the floor so I can remember during tummy time. No, I will not turn this into another side project, because if I've noticed one thing from these books, it's that people wait until they're on their 4th child and have the space to breathe before they write them.

Case in point, this article was voice typed as I rub his feet with both hands. Sure I have to edit like crazy when he finally sleeps but it's better than nothing. Apparently you are supposed to speak very slowly to help them learn. The Google assistant I mean, little dude has been paying attention to my speech, I guess like the google assistant one day before you know it they've taken over your world.

Oh, and the bonding goes well.

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