Day 50 - It burns.

I was researching the effect of sound transitions on adults, and ended up finding more information about transitioning young children to ensure they feel rooted, safe and secure when shifting between activities or environments.

This rabbit hole led me to review the makeup of the inner ear and how delicate our sense of hearing is. Queue distant memories of loud night spaces and my ears protesting at my flagrant abuse, I also recalled how uncomfortable the spaces were, but not as uncomfortable as ignoring peer pressure was.

Which had me wondering, if anyone with hearing impaired, due to their own negligence, ever looked back fondly at the times they spent damaging their hearing and said "Yup, still worth it." What possible mind trick could be used, to dissuade someone from engaging in harmful environments, especially when related to activities that involve one's social circle. Is the need to belong, or in some places, not stand out, so strong as to override one's personal safety? Is it because the damage isn't as immediate as feeling the heat from a flame?

How much of this relates to willpower? Do people make more disadvantageous decisions during day time, or night time? If so, do these decisions increase as the day lengthens? how many hours after waking? What kind of decisions are most taxing? How does the presence of authority impact this if at all?

After reading about the need children have to transition, and what I know about the cost of cognitive task shifting. I'd like to find any research conducted on sounds that assist transitions for adults. For example, the whistle of a teapot means you will...and the sound your bed makes when you lay on it means you will...So what then would transition sounds associated with daily life look like, sounds for breathing, for setting intentions, for visualizing, for writing. I know I play background music at times, but it'd be wonderful to know what music, scientifically, could aid in transitions, for adults.

And just maybe, it could bolster one's willpower, so they make decisions that in retrospect, would've been easy to make.

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