Day 52 - Finding Focus

Hello friend, this one I write to you. You'll have read some of my writings, skimmed others, and I thank you. On day 28 I worked myself out of a corner I willingly walked into.

I think I've now created a habit where I type every evening. I'm not calling it a writing habit, just yet. But I need your help to...

I would humbly ask you to skim through days 1 through 51, and let me know which ones made you curious to learn more, and what themes you sense emerging from what I've written so far. 

Though I write for myself, I think I may need to push towards a goal of writing for others. I'm an obliger after all, and It would need to be useful. I might just be writing myself into a corner again actually.  And maybe I need to ask this question on day 101, what do you think?

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