Day 59 - Helpful Humans

I mentioned my weekly Thursday posts on the Creative Bunch Instagram, where I pose personal and professional questions I thought folks might connect over or connect through. Day 43 I think it was.

So far I've learned that it's easier to use questions generated by people, if they see it, they're likely to engage with the questions. As opposed to coming up with questions I think are interesting.

That people enjoy the Instagram chat feature, but only if more than 3 people have a connection to the topic. Tagging people to give advice works best, people are helpful, they just need an invitation to do what naturally comes to them. It also helps to jump start the conversation in the chat group by calling on someone to give a tip, followed by requesting others in the chat to chime in.

In the past 3 weeks we've had one group talk about the human side of sales, how to come across strongly, without feeling icky. One group was collaborating over the question of why single women in the emirate find it very difficult to find a serious partner in this region. And a group most recently indicated an interest in partaking in a meditation session, and a group member decided to kindly host them.

I enjoy the weekly rhythm, but looking at the analytics, Tuesday would make more sense. Most people are stuck at work, it's the middle of the work week in this region, and on Thursday the battery to connect kind of runs out. Which is why I'm continuously surprised when people do engage and care to help.

I think it's time to change it up just a notch, not sure what I should do in forthcoming iterations. If you have any thoughts let me know!

Oh and if curious it's all in the highlights on insta, I think you can even join the pre-existing chats

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