Day 61 - Steer clear

Howdy folks, not a lot on the brain today, it was a bit of a blur, even lil dude seemed to be in a fog. We are expecting help over the coming week, so I'll finally be able to start responding in earnest to old emails I've received, pick up on research I was meant to do, and get around to editing hours of audio I've had sitting around for months.

I think the process of writing over the past weeks may have taught me how to squeeze what little time there is and be quietly productive. I just wrote up a page on the role of reflection and nostalgia in our lives and decided to do away with it for now.

I guess I'm learning that it's ok to steer away from something if it doesn't feel like it's worth the time, at that moment in time.

I also intend on revamping my portfolio, and giving it serious thought, it's been I think 4 years since I've bothered to think it through. I've not been super organized, so I'm not looking forward to picking through gigabytes of files and folders and finding information to piece together.

I think I will try my best to capture learning points, going forward, by writing about daily experiences on future projects. It's only fair to me to save my future self some precious time by being organized. Also another way of removing possible excuses from future self's path.

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