Day 62 - New baby incoming

So after doing some digging, it turns out lil dude is going through a comprehensive development milestone, at the end of which he'll be a new baby of sorts.

I caught myself saying something is off with him over the past 2 days, and it got to a point where I'd said it one too many times. I didn't like that I was shrugging and chalking it up to him being a baby. I caught myself and remembered that I have access to information, and I can pair that with my observations to figure out what was up.

In short, he's "waking up" and becoming more conscious of his environment and more curious about complex colour patterns and sounds. In the last week he started getting sleepy more often, usually after I bombarded him with what I call development time. Lots of reading, repetition of letters and numbers, basic things, but they seemed to tire him out. The last two days that wasn't so and he became more fussy, less engaged, and constantly sucking his hands. He also learned to blow bubbles using his lips after consistently practicing, started reaching for and grasped his toes, and started waking up as frequently as he was when he was newborn. So the 5 hour stretches are over and it's back to sleepless nights.

The good news is that it'll all be over in about 35 days, or when he's about 5.5 months old. Which makes capturing our experience all the more necessary. My friend Zarko suggested I think through our experience through the lens of service design - with us as parents providing a service to lil dude the customer - there'll be some challenges blueprinting the main birth experience, because that was a blur, and the hospital we attended would probably have benefitted from this exercise to highlight pain points that appeared post delivery, amongst them settling the bill and follow up care.

The only reason this period he's going through is worth noting, is because we mostly were able to understand his needs, but I think it's possible to capture something in terms of the process we used to care for him. Which involved the way we were able to care for ourselves so that we could be attentive to his needs.

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