Day 63 - Man of leisure

A childhood friend was over for a visit tonight, they'd traversed 8 time zones to do a gig and we had a chuckle about how strange it is, meeting halfway round the world from the playgrounds we used to play in once upon a time.

They've built up a career that's traversed the largest metropolitan cities in Canada and the United States and they found this new playground a welcome one. Even if they feel other, they feel it less so. I remarked how I find natives true to these metropolitan cities, usually here on a mission to drive change and vision, are always somehow least informed yet most sought after.

We remembered Lagos, and how for a period of time, while I worked remotely and at times didn't work, I'd had access to a lot of free time. So when I attended events, after fumbling for an accurate description of my current pursuit in life, I decided to be playful and said I was a 'man of leisure'. People really took to the title, and always nodded approvingly, as if I had cracked the code to life. No further questions were warranted, and you could see people's heads grinding away the things they needed to do to become a person of leisure.

My friend remarked that this would never fly in a city like New York, where the first retort would be "You mean you don't work." My friend continued, "In that city, you're either somebody, and that means you're filthy rich, or you're grinding gears trying to be somebody, and you'll be grinding half your life, there's no in between, it gets tiring."

My friend also shared their surprise at how many more women are in positions of power, in a place most North Americans would confuse for not allowing women to drive, compared to the North American board rooms which continue to talk the talk of diversity and inclusion, and continuously fail to act on it.

Maybe I'll have to move to New York, spread the word that one can be a man of leisure, if you just walk past the ladder.

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