Day 64 - Throw a baby at em

I feel that we're perpetually becoming more homebody like than we were. Partly due to the limitations placed by this city and it's weather - in the high 40's / 100's - and partly due to the energy required for raising a child.

My sister is staying with us, and has become a sort of gateway for long lost loose family friends to connect, especially if they have a baby, or are expecting. So one of these mornings, my sister informs me that one of these relations will be coming over, and that they I need to do some real talk - since my wife wasn't going to be home - and scare this visitor into fully realizing the challenges of raising a child. At issue was whether this person would be able to have the presence of mind 2 months after giving birth to complete an arduous work related experience. One point to clarify is, it's not unheard of here for families to have a nanny assigned to each child. The parents want to live their lives, and I guess they reason that the child won't know be able to tell the difference since they're young...the nannies end up in most cases raising the children well into adulthood. But our visitor didn't have this issue, they want to be hands on, and so we threw lil dude at them.

I keep forgetting what our home looks like to others, because visitors keep remarking about the walls full of post its, windows graced with white board markers, and weird charts on the walls (journey maps and blueprints). Our visitor calmly played with little dude, listened to our first 3 months experience as relayed by me. But it was only when they witnessed the prep wall that it really registered for them.

That particular wall held our plans for delivering the child 6 months out, the two main things I highlighted there was finding a doula (didn't know about it) and if not in shape, to find a personal trainer who knows how to handle pregnant women.

There are so many things in life, once experienced, that leave you feeling incredulous that you hadn't heard about how to go about tackling them before. It's like there should be a Khan Academy for major life events: puberty, savings, taxes, death etc.

As for our visitor, I think we were able to somewhat sway them. Even though lil dude decided not to have a melt down.

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