Day 66 - I count a buddy

Image by @arabicwords_0

Friends are important, they make you feel warm and fuzzy, they ground you in experiences that formed a part of your psychological make up, they temporarily alleviate any concerns you may have of the lonely nature of our short existence. 

But like most things, friends are flawed, which is why you most probably have groups of friends which rarely intersect. Except for a wedding or two. One thing friends are not really great at, is giving advice. For one, the first iteration is usually related to advice they wish they could act on, and so, you become their petri-dish. For second (yes I can say that), for your relationship to survive, you can’t nag them if they don’t follow through.

My friend once shared that there are organizations that pair people on projects, usually a designer with a strategist, and they become joined at the hip to an extent. Thinking through client challenges together, a smart wall to bounce things off of.

At LeadIN, people are paired up according to proximal geography, complementary strengths, and incantations. When I experienced LeadIN, I was able to connect with most of the attendees, in the capacity of an accountability buddy. We had something I don’t have with most friends. A purpose.

We’d connect each week, either at a park, or over the phone, and talk through our goals, what we did to work towards them, what worked, and what didn’t. I have zero friends that’d be interested in hearing what I had to say about experiments I held to increase my emotional awareness or how I took note of my energy levels that week.

Friends are great, but I think we should all hope to cultivate some friends into accountabuddies. One for each Ikigai quadrant perhaps? The next time a friend brings up the same mistake you’ve noted them make for the 20th time in 5 years. Be their accountabuddy. They’ll treasure you for moving them forward past their b.s.

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