Day 68 - How would you describe

If you winced a little, you've been to way too many interviews. Don't worry, this little question missile isn't directed at you. I'll be introspecting here for an upcoming chat I'll need to be having.

The topic? Purpose. What is my sense of purpose. Currently.

Sigh, I'd love to say it's being a parent, or changing the world of work, or anything profound yet relatable really. And I'd love to say these things because then the answer is simple. It's contained. It's easily understood even if difficult to pursue. 

What I can elaborate on however, is my pursuit of purpose. I think purpose can be accidental, for example, you've come across stories of people who had someone near and dear suffer a fatal illness, and finding a cure becomes that person's purpose.

Purpose can be given by one's culture at large (joining the army), or one's culture at home ("I come from a long line of X profession"). Purpose can be recognized in hindsight, like a life well lived. 

In my case, my purpose is unfolding, and yes it involves growth, you can't blame me if that's still on my mind, I only wrote about it yesterday. Also the gif up there was just as helpful in keeping those words top of mind. 

If memory serves me correctly, it's been 7 years since I first entered the organization that lit the fire that had me recovering from the human resource profession. I've spent the past 4 years absorbing, experimenting and redefining the knowledge I want more of, and the things I want less of. 

In a sense, I've been chiseling away at the marble that holds my purpose, what shape it'll take 7 years from now, I can't say. But this is an important realization, and I need to celebrate it, make it real, in order to...lil dude is chirping, the thought is gone. Dad life!

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