Day 69 - I Know Someone

I know someone with a fascinating story, it's not very simple to capture in one post, but that's all the time they'd have to read it.

Their story doesn't have a beginning, or a middle yet but this person has since made concrete contributions to their life through effort, determination, and dedication. In each situation they find themselves in, they persevere, get recognized, and are lauded for their presence and their drive.

But, crucially, before any of this recognition occurs, they experience a torrent of nagging self-doubt, crippling anxiety, and a fair share of sleepless nights.

If there's ever a bright spot that shines through the darkness in their grey matter, it is short-lived.

Now that they're... the energy they once had to commit to the darkness, isn't as available.

But because the darkness, the self-criticism, the nagging crippling anxiety, has fed for so long; what could once be compartmentalized is not. The walls are broken, the darkness over running life. Their systems simultaneously in fight and flight.

If I could tell them one thing.

I would tell them they are whole. I would tell them they are whole and loved, that mistakes are possible, even if they aren't predictable, that they won't be shunned for making them, that their self-worth will not disintegrate, that they won't be out on the street, and even if they were. They are loved.

So love yourself.

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