Day 70 - What has helped you arrive at this understanding?

When last we left my pursuit of purpose, I'd had a realization that I've been working towards my purpose, continuously clarifying it as I learn by surrounding myself with people who either act on theirs, actively pursue it, or are aware of their need to refine it.

When I was young, I wanted to be a large vehicle operator, I think I had one of those yellow earth moving Tonka trucks. Once I saw how slow they were, I quickly relented and opted to become an airplane pilot. When I learned eyesight is a qualifier, I quickly gave that up as well and decided to become a captain of the biggest ship there was. Soon after I saw a horror movie set on a boat that capsizes and the captain, apparently honour-bound, stays to die on the boat. I didn't like that. I found it stupid, and wasteful.

The captain couldn't escape the role. In hindsight, as a child, I didn't respect someone not choosing to shed the shackles of a role, for something more important, their life.

I'm not sure what I'll do with lil dude so that he doesn't get beat down by the same system I was. Because overtime, I became the captain. Shackling my identity, and my life, to a career role. That was my paradigm for a time, and I've learned to look beyond it. To find purpose in the smallest personal and professional interactions I have with people.

I'm not always at 100% with everyone. But I try to be with myself. Because that plays a large role in how I experience life, family, friends and others.

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