Day 72 - Chief Development Officer (CDO)

My wife and I decided early on that she'd be in charge of input, and I'd be in charge of output when it came to lil dude. As he's grown, I've also enjoyed the role of CDO.

We've found that fully engaging him in play gets him to drink more, and to nap longer. He's also reaching a stage where he's tiring of the same toys. A water bottle fascinated him enough today to cause him consternation when he couldn't grasp it with his limited reach.

We also were able to take him out twice. This is an important development because our walls are plain and the curtains constantly drawn due to the extreme amount of sun that filters in. We realised today that he may have actually gotten an unhealthy dose of sun due to the location of the changing table. It seems the two layers of thick curtain aren't enough to stave off indirect sunlight and UV rays.

So taking him out to a mall allows him to receive another form of stimulation, but at the risk of exposing him to airborne illnesses. We live in a global hub, and this particular mall gets people bused in directly from the airport, but we have to take our chances or he'll go a bit stir crazy looking at just our two faces.

He's already caught on to the existence of voices emanating from black rectangles. Mainly an apple watch and my phone I keep handy to photograph him.

Back to CDO, so far duties include:

  • Diligently directing tummy time
  • Reciting numbers 1 through 5 in a slow and deliberate manner
  • Ensuring nap time quotas are met
  • Allowing for bouncy chair time to facilitate for the processing functions of the intestinal tract
  • Coordinating music and dance extravaganzas
  • Executing the disappearing / reappearing algorithm 

I'm sure there are a few I'm missing. Let me know what else is age appropriate for an almost 5 month old.

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