Day 73 - Fight or flight

I was wondering this morning when it develops in children. When I'm clowning around with lil dude, I've yet to understand the patterns of what scares him or what excites him.

Exaggerated faces seem to do the trick until he's 'processed' them so to speak. I'll need to keep better track of when he's fully engaged and when he's not. Whether it's before or after he's fed, or before or after his nap.

It takes 2 years for the amygdala to form, basically, he needs a lot of cuddles, and cues of reassurance from the people around him. Living in an area free of stressors or situations that would contribute to our stress levels resulting in faces that cue panic or fear are what we need to be wary of.

I lost a bunch of articles opened I searched for in ghost mode so I won't be able to articulate further.

One thing I keep catching myself doing is breathing in a shallow manner, and the research on infant brain development and our observations show that these lil people are sponges, constantly observing and emulating. So I'll have to be more mindful about practicing my breathing in front of lil dude more often.

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