Day 74 - What's the opposite of a rant?

Today was a lovely day, it was also eid celebration, which meant it was ok to take time to just be with people and forget about work. So we did.

We decided to invite people over and host them for lunch. Since we got back we haven't had a chance to breathe. So after spending the better part of a month organizing our household, we were finally in shape to have people over.

It was just us 2 and lil dude, and he thoroughly enjoyed the new faces in the house. That was one of our motivations; As I'd previously mentioned, he grew a little tired of my limited repertoire of faces.

I realize now that a lot of the things I hear from people about married folks disappearing after they have a kid, or life being upended and your social life coming to halt is just that, hearsay.

Many a time, it comes from people yet to experience the very things they pontificate about so assuredly.

So let me break down the day. Folks started streaming in at 1 pm. After which we ordered food. We'd already made a small trip to the grocery store and picked up items we could have on the table for people to open up their appetite. We also used paper plates and cups, to cut down the time we'd spend cleaning.

I didn't facilitate. There were lulls. That was ok.

Towards the end of the afternoon, I affirmed our appreciation for the people attending. I let them know that we understand that today, people came to have a 'Simba' moment for lil dude. That we also enjoyed being able to host, and that lil dude didn't freak out and seemed to enjoy everyone equally.

We were also hopeful to continue hosting in the future. Because we feel that it's important for lil dude to be surrounded with people we respect and love.

As lil dude grows, and as demands on us as parents possibly increase, I'll remember this day fondly, as proof of what's possible.

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