Day 78 - Excited validation

Design - is the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object or a system. Cambridge Dictionary.

There are 37 design disciplines on Wikipedia. In my youth I associated design with arts and crafts. My curiosity was blinkered by a fixed mindset that avoided things I could fail at. I did not yet understand that not trying something due to fear of failure, was in itself a silent form of failure.

What I now appreciate about design is present in the following quote,

"Engineers are not the only professional designers. Everyone designs who devises courses of action aimed at changing existing situations into preferred ones. The intellectual activity that produces material artifacts is no different fundamentally from the one that prescribes remedies for a sick patient or the one that devises a new sales plan for a company or a social welfare policy for a state. Design, so construed, is the core of all professional training; it is the principal mark that distinguishes the professions from the sciences. Schools of engineering, as well as schools of architecture, business, education, law, and medicine, are all centrally concerned with the process of design." Herbert A. Simon, The Sciences of the Artificial.

What got me excited was listening to a podcast that featured a lady who worked a 1000 jobs, and is now a service designer. She stated that most of the issues she's come across in organizations were rooted in a lack of understanding that the end to end employee experience is as important as the customer's experience. That there needs to be more exploration of the HR space through the prism of design. 

She's also Canadian, and lives in the D.C. area. It's just too good to be true!  The way I function best, is by linking goals I want to achieve to actions that impact a third party.  In this case, I'd intended to start writing my service design experiences for an upcoming project (inshallah). Coming across an established service designer, interested in pointing their design skills towards employee experiences and organizational design felt validating.  

I intend to further explore the work she's done in order to connect with her sometime next year. How I capture my learning points through writing over the coming months, will influence the ways in which I connect the work she is doing in the Organizational design space, with the work that my D.C. peoples are already doing. 

If you'd like to listen to the interview, the link is below.

[Service Design Show] New Ways To Spread and Scale Service Design / Jacquelyn Brioux / Episode #72 #serviceDesignShow via @PodcastAddict

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