Day 82 - Punishing workout

Lil dude is entering the phase where he's discovering his limbs. At first he was fascinated by his fingers, then realized they're attached to a hand so he opens and closes his hand. A day later he understood that his wrist can also twist up and down and he's currently occupied with that movement. When supported and on his legs, he likes to bend his knees and drop his butt to the floor and stand up again, fairly repetitively. I found myself wondering why I didn't have that kind of enthusiasm for physical activity.

Since we learned about his existence, I've gained just north of forty pounds. I managed to walk on a treadmill once, for an hour. Part of the challenge is that I'm responsible for the night shift. I'm also not exposed to sunlight due to the stifling heat. I also have the lights on at night which probably messes with my melatonin production. I wake up feeling far from rested, and definitely no where near interested to get my body in a state where it burns calories. The only sweat my body is capable of creating is directly related to the amount of silly dances and bench presses I do while entertaining him.

I also recall that endurance punishments were the norm at school when I was growing up. They all involved standing in the corner of the classroom. There was the hold your ear and do a million squats punishment. The arms spread wide for as long as you can punishment. A combination of the two if you were really bad. I remember preferring getting hit with a metal ruler, so my aversion to exercise probably runs deep.

I had no issue with competitive sports though, I'd run up and down a field so long as there was an objective. There it is! I need an objective, which is why binge watching downloaded episodes can keep me on a treadmill, I'm doing something.

The second challenge, outside of the current sleep schedule, is the ennui that sets in when I think of the food I have to make after working out. It's seriously dissuading me from continuing to write, that's how much the combination of those two things, working out and cooking, deplete my willpower. 

I think I need a gym friend, accountability works for me, I also don't want to talk to anyone at a gym. Arhghhhh. I need to give this more thought.


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