Day 84 - The mouse and the platypus

I've been intending to launch a LeadIN cohort in Dubai since I arrived almost two years ago. I quickly learned that I had to first build a network that I can tap into. Two years on, the networks I can tap into are available, the messaging for LeadIN is falling flat.

I realized I was too close to this thing so I had a few people take a look at the form. I received a ton of feedback on the form, mainly that it's too long, and not one person read the program overview. It was a resounding, "Moe, we like you...but we ain't got time for a wall of text."

Part of the challenge is that people feel LeadIN is ambiguous, the benefits intangible, and the language not matter of course. I'm disadvantaged by my past experience, I recognize it now as something that has limited my effectiveness in communicating the upcoming cohort. I'm no longer a past participant, I'm the convener. No, I'm the mouse, squeaking away, unheard in the din of Dubai.  Were I a platypus, I'd instantly command curiosity. So how can I do that as a mouse?

Serendipitously (pun intended), one of the patterns I'm meant to observe over the coming weeks is called "Expanding Situational Curiosity". I think I'll use my goal of getting people signed up for the LeadIN Dubai cohort by September 30th, as a means of exploring this pattern. I'll need to think through how I can use these questions to evoke curiosity for the cohort. I've not "networked" for a long while, so I'll visit the upcoming F'up nights. I think I'll do it in the way I do it best, by connecting with a handful of people, and listening deeply to their needs. Hopefully my squeaks will be heard. 

Here's the page if you're curious about this pattern.

  • What else is at play here? What are we overlooking? What else should we be considering?
  • Who else should be part of this conversation?
  • Whose perspective would help us avoid groupthink and inappropriate assumptions?
  • What kind of process would keep us from jumping to conclusions and landing prematurely in the wrong place?
  • Are there other ways to look at this that might produce important insights?
  • What could this situation also be?
  • What is possible now?

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