Day 85 - Portfolio perfection

Two years later, I'm finally starting on my design related portfolio. I've been avoiding it like the plague. Tell me to write a resume and I'll resist, but it'll be decent. The impetus here is from a potential client. They'd already requested a resume, which I provided. The issue is, the team I helped put together, have much more design experience, and the accompanying portfolios to prove it. I think I mentioned before, that I need to work with people smarter than me. I just wish the client didn't have a chance to realize they are.

A portfolio is an unknown that's wrapped in a foil of impostor syndrome. Will a day ever come when I don't need to present papers? Where my reputation precedes me? Or will this be one of those things that just seem necessary.

Wait, no I need to make that aspirational. I was feeling funky when my friend Heather walked me off the ledge and said I need to better manage what fks I give and which fks I don't give. In this case, she continued, "the client was clearly informed of your skills, and that you're good, so work with that. Use the urgency of needing to submit this in one day to infuse the energy of the conversation you want to have with them to solve their problem."

What we came up with, was that I need to limit the portfolio to 3 projects, because why spend time and energy on anything beyond that. That I need to choose the 3 I'm most confident in, and draw distinctions between those projects, the challenges I faced, how I resolved them and the challenges this client might face.

She also said I need to block off 8 hours for tomorrow, so that's what I'll be doing. Extending my no phone till breakfast, into a no phone until portfolio is complete. Ciao!

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