Day 87 - Service Design Journal

Today felt rushed. We blazed through client introductions, setup a Kanban and completed the first part of a hypothetical journey map.

The project manager in me was like whoa, slow down, I just learned your first name. I heard the word agile a lot, so I can being to understand the mindset and expectations of the client. So before the day ended, I wanted a plus | delta completed.

We mustered three items in the plus column and 7 items in the delta. We'd yet to undertake the forming part of our team, and I really want us to coalesce around this project in a way that won't result in crossed communication lines and batons being dropped because we're meant to beeline to the pole jump.

I'd circulated an electronic version of the feedback preferences spreadsheet, and I've gone ahead and printed out a page that we can fill out in person when we meet.

Also this client is a fan of butts in seats. My butt is not a fan.

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