Day 88 - Service Design Journal.01

Today's whiteboard was filled with pluses, and only had two deltas or things that could go better. 

We were able to complete the second hypothetical journey map and walk the client through it. They were appreciative and were transparent about the parts of the journey they did not have clarity on.

We were also able to plan out possible dates for the workshops, activities, and workshops we had in our backlog.

Now that we have an idea of what sort of happens, I'll be heading to a service location and observing customers. I think I'll first take note of what I experience when I enter the location, and how intuitive navigating the space is. I'll then sit with a service officer and watch their interactions with customers for an hour. 

Once I've understood the cadence of the service, and how the interactions play out, I'll offer the customers with unique challenges an incentive for answering a few questions. I'll be alone, so I'll have to setup in a way that allows the customer to feel heard and respected, especially if they'd just tried to complete a transaction and were not successful.

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