Day 89 - Service Design Journal.02

God, doing customer research alone is a nightmare. Especially when the client sets everything up for you. I was flying solo today, but the service center staff took pity on me and were trying to be helpful by pointing out the customer type I was looking for.

7 hours later, all I had to show for shuffling from one side to another were 8 rushed interviews. The majority of which were not the customer type we needed. I requested transaction data for the first half of the year, to better understand what the patterns were for the customers type we needed to interview. Maybe there'd be a morsel of data we could draw on to figure out if it was the location or the time of the month.

I've also been wracking my brain trying to figure out at what touchpoint could we engage with these customers. Or what creative means could we use to help them self identify for us. Something ridiculous like Instagram poster boards celebrating the end of the process perhaps? With a hashtag allowing them entry into a prize of some sort. The challenge there is the client can't get approvals for incentives fast enough. They'd need weeks and we needed them yesterday.

At least the information I collected could go towards correcting assumptions we might have for a customer type we'll need to engage later this month.

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