Day 90 - Service Design Journal.03

Design is really nebulous, especially during discovery. I feel like the client said something to the effect of "Those bubbles there! Make them solid so I can grasp them. You have 2 minutes!"

The thing is with bubbles, they don't last long, if I spend time trying to consider them, they'll pop. That's basically what the discovery and research phase is supposed to help with. I'm just finding it very difficult to identify major pain points that customers have. Everyone I met, brushed me off, and it was only 3 questions in that I was able to surface some angst they had with the service.

Still, it's not enough information, and the data the client provided is difficult to parse through. How do you digest a crap ton of data if you're not sure what you're looking for yet?

I also feel like I'm neglecting lil dude. So I bought him a bubble maker, hence the above analogy. He seemed confused, he was more amused with the way I exaggerated the word bubbles.

Oh, to give you a sense of the pain customers might feel. One conversation I heard ended like this.

"I feel like the luckiest man alive, and it only took one week!"

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