Day 93 - Service Design Journal.05

Today was blueprinting day. A blueprint takes shape in swim lanes that convey what actions a customer takes and the touch points they use when trying to satisfy a need. It makes a distinction between front 'stage' staff customers encounter and back 'stage' staff they don't encounter. The movie Snowpiercer is basically one large blueprint, with the protagonists' journey through the train allowing them to explore the front-stage, back-stage, and Back-stage systems and support processes.

Since we completed the hypothetical journey map, and validated our assumptions with the client, we moved on to putting together a blueprint to better understand what happens in the backstage of a customer's request for service.

What I enjoy about this work is that the day generally starts with me feeling like I don't know what's heads from tails. By the end of the day, and after using the appropriate tool to explore the challenge, I am left feeling empowered and collectively we leave having clarified our approach for the coming week.

We boiled down the blueprint into pain points and opportunities, and we used a matrix to highlight any insights which we couldn't yet make sense of. The four quadrants were: Product, Environment, Features, and Channels.

Tomorrow we'll walk the client through the blueprint we established, so that we can bring them up to speed on our understanding of the challenge, and to further engage them so that they can assign the right stakeholders to be a part of the remainder of this project.

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