Day 94 - Service Design Journal.06

The blueprint did it's job, the client is convinced we're not crackpot consultants and that we're understanding the ecosystem well considering it's been less than a week. We actually have them with their backs against the wall because they haven't been able to move as fast as we have. This week we'll have the blueprinting workshop, followed by the visioning workshop.

I learned a valuable lesson from my colleague today. I couldn't explain why we couldn't have a workshop on a particular day, or rather, I couldn't share the reason. The client was left wide-eyed and confused as to why I was not being flexible with the date change. My colleague explained articulately that having these workshops back to back would detract from the exercise.

We needed the buffer of one day, to be able to act upon the feedback from the blueprinting workshop. This would allow us to better align for the visioning workshop including the incidentals we'd use and the material we'd have to print.

I instantly became more conscious of listening to the client's need, and sat with them for a time later that day and chose to be curious.

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