Day 95 - Service Design Journal.07

Field trip! I didn't sleep much because little dude has the sniffles again. But I started the day excited because it was a day that was supposed to be for research. In the fray, at the point where the highest amount of customers are served, through the greatest number of touch-points.

...We were given the wrong address, that should have been an indicator for how the rest of the day was going to go. I was still high on sugar and caffeine, not even wearing a blazer in 40C heat were going to drag me down.


We were able to interview 3 people...well 2 and .75 because the last person couldn't complete their transaction and their journey was disrupted. Sucks for him, but it was an unsupported moment we hadn't come across before, so it'll be entered into the pile of challenges customers have when accessing these services.

We informed the client that we'll have to change tack and approach other stakeholders for interviews.

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