Day 98 - Service Design Journal.09

We facilitated a product vision workshop today. It went better than expected. I honestly was not confident it would lead to a generative conversation. There's a focus on the right answer, and we had to work extra hard at ensuring we conveyed, multiple times, that there was no right or wrong way about this, so long as they focused on the discussion allowing for all their voices to be heard.

What went well was that we included team members from the vendor team, who they had long standing warm relationships with and sprinkled them across the groups. We were in a boardroom style room but we setup the chairs in a theatre setting initially to capture their attention. Then picked on the people we knew to lead by example and put away their laptops and phones. The next time we think we'll try a swipe jar, where you put money in every time you're caught swiping on your phone.

We also need a snack budget! People really came alive when the snacks came out.

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