Day 99 - Letters away!

I had two people apply for the Dubai Leadin cohort. I also went into email history and found people who were previously interested. I've opted to send a very short paragraph that goes as follows:

"We're finally launching our First Dubai LeadIn Cohort. 12 people are selected to reflect on and practice their leadership skills. Do you know someone who is early to mid career and can commit to an eight week long cohort that explores emotional intelligence, polarities, story telling and more?
Please share this application form with them for more details."

I've learned two things.

1- Even if it's been a year, people are happy to respond. They'll respond at their own pace, so reach out anyway.

2- Keeping the message short, with a target audience they can imagine, is helpful. I also used polarities to peak curiosity by making it the meat between the bread that is emotional intelligence and story telling, things most people will be aware.

The next step is to followup with the space, they're almost ready to confirm. I'll also announce it on creative morning, and at fundxb. Simply because I know the organizers and they trust me.

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